• Maximizing the Opportunities in Institutional Real Estate

    CPN is an exclusive network of leading, highly qualified residential real estate brokerage firms, specially trained and certified to provide best-in-class institutional real estate services to clients nationwide.

    CPN licenses leading brokerage firms, enabling them to manage and fulfill Carrington’s institutional real estate needs. CPN licensees have access to all of Carrington's resources and are qualified by Carrington as market leaders in the residential brokerage industry.


  • The CPN Difference

    Most institutional real estate services are supplied today through individual real estate agents – not brokerage firms. Maneuvering within this fragmented market and managing networks of hundreds of agents is costly, difficult, and challenging.

    It is also challenging to assure that specific standards are uniformly applied in fulfilling the complex institutional processes. CPN provides solid local market management through its network of specially trained, leading residential real estate brokerage firms.


  • The Source for Outstanding Performance

    Providing brokerage services to the institutional real estate market requires a very precise set of skills, knowledge, and experience. It also requires systems designed to streamline and manage a complex set of processes and required transactional services. Unlike the general residential real estate brokerage business, institutional clients can rely on CPN to deliver the most capable, accurate and qualified fulfillment services nationally to local markets.