Institutional Real Estate News

Mortgage Delinquency Milestone
American homeowners might be getting better at paying their mortgage-at least second quarter results make it seem that way.

Gains across majority of leading indicators index outweigh drag from housing permits
Leading indicators increased in July, in-line with expectations and continuing momentum of an improving economic outlook.

Fannie Mae keeps economic growth projections unchanged despite political tensions
As tension mounts in Washington, Fannie Mae kept its annual growth predictions unchanged for 2017.

Southern California rent costs soaring twice as fast as inflation
The cost of renting one's residence in Southern California has doubled in 17 years - a jump practically twice as fast as the overall cost of living, according to the regional Consumer Price Index.

Markets Roiled as Tension Mounts Over Trump Stance: Markets Wrap
A sense of growing unease gripped financial markets as Donald Trump exacerbated the controversy sparked by a racist rally in Virginia and terrorists struck a crowded street in Barcelona.